Jeffrey A. Gliwa (born on January 12, 1974) born in Brooklyn, NY is an Executive Producer, Actor, and Founder of Blue Shark Pictures, LLC.
About Jeffrey Gliwa
About Jeffrey Gliwa

About Jeffrey Gliwa

Early in his career, Jeffrey garnered a reputation for being a mover and shaker in the Hotel and Club world of Manhattan, as the Nightlife Impresario for SoHo Grand Hotel and the Gansevoort Hotel. He translated his talent for production and promotion into film fund raising ventures with a focus on introducing legacy talents to the industry.

“Blood Moon” written by Nicholas Kazan and introducing Maya Kazan was an independent feature that Jeffrey secured capital for before moving into the Executive Producer role for the Coppola Film Partner’s “Sacred Blood” starring Michael Madsen and Anna Bianna, which introduced Bailey Coppola, and “Torch”, starring Vincent Spano and John Savage, were two of the features produced through the fund. Jeffrey’s Hollywood film school and inaugural slate was with Christopher R. Coppola, the older brother of movie star Nicolas Cage and they both are the nephews of Francis Ford Coppola. Christopher is also the nephew of Talia Shire, who played Adrian in the “Rocky” movies and Connie Corleone in “The Godfather” films. Coppola gave Jeffrey his nickname “Blue Shark” because of his ability to raise equity so quickly and deliver funding ahead of schedule.

Jeffrey’s Blue Shark Pictures has successfully raised over 50 million in Private Equity over the past decade. Currently he is developing and managing the Blue Shark Fund that is producing feature films.

After working with Coppola Film Partners, Jeffrey began a partnership with iconic Indie film maker Rob Nilsson, who, with co-director John Hanson, won the Camera d’Or at Cannes for “Northern Lights” (1978) and Nilsson won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for “Heat and Sunlight” (1987). He is the first American film director to have won both awards. Jeffrey produced and Rob directed “Arid Cut” together, released in 2019.

These partnerships lead to Warren Zide / Zide Pictures, the producer behind the “American Pie” and “Final Destination” franchises, to reach out. The two have a slate of 6 films for which Jeffrey raised millions of dollars in development capital.

Currently, Jeffrey is producing in alliance with Jeffrey Greenstein / Millennium Media, where a partnership is in development on an 8-picture slate for 2021. Headlining this slate is “The Protector” trilogy penned by David Morell, made famous by his Rambo book series.

Blue Shark has recently launched the Apparition Entertainment Fund with a slate of 4 films, a TV pilot, and an APP designed to bring film and entertainment investing to every person who wants to be a part of movie making.

Another project in development is with Stevie Long of Long Story, LLC. Stevie Long was the screenwriter for “Starsky & Hutch” and the director of “Strictly Sexual”, as well the staff writer for the TV series “Sons of Anarchy”. Together, Jeffrey and Stevie are heading a 6-picture slate.

Jeffrey has also begun a venture to open a VIP vegan lounge in Hollywood called “V Pictures”, where Timothy Spuches has taken the lead in organizing this project. This plant-based restaurant’s menu will feature vegan tapas with top shelf beverages, as well as a screening room with projectors and flat screens for the A-list entertainment industry to enjoy and share a celebration.

Blue Shark Pictures specializes in pairing talented “up and coming” aspiring filmmakers with industry veterans and helping them breakthrough in the film industry. Further, BSP is a full service independent film studio producing high quality / high yield macro and micro budget films. Blue Shark Pictures provides development financing, known as “first money in” for top Hollywood movie studios, A-list actors, and directors.

With all of Blue Shark Picture’s new partnerships and projects, a total of 24 films are slated for production, as well as a TV series, all with the biggest names in Hollywood. The Blue Shark Pictures Slate has a 250 million dollar budget so far being funded to its projects, and this is just the beginning of the impact that Jeffrey “Blue Shark” Gliwa will have on Hollywood.

“I look forward to hand picking the next generation of film students who are the best of the best and help them break through into the film industry working alongside of A-list industry veterans.”


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